The Pearlroth House

Features/Integrity of the Pearlroth House

  • The house was built on a cedar post and cinder block foundation and is framed and finished with wood.
  • The house consists of two elongated box shapes rotated in tandem and perched on edge, forming a box kite or “double diamond” shape. The void between the two forms is filled with a glassed-in living area with a fireplace.
  • Inside the house, long, low benches stretch along the sidewalls of the living area. On both north facing and south facing elevations each diamond-shaped pod has a triangular window on its upper half.
  • Steps lead from the benches into the diamond-shaped pods that contain a children’s bunk-room and guest bedroom in the south-west corner pod and a master bedroom in the south-east corner pod.  A small kitchen that is open and slightly elevated from the living room is in the western diamond.  In the eastern diamond there is a bathroom, also elevated from the living room, which has a shower and a bathtub.
  • The bathroom has two levels. The shower and sink are located on one level and the toilet/bath are located a few steps above.
  • The living area including the benches is approximately 300 square feet. The three small bedrooms, kitchen and bath make up the remaining 250 square feet.