The Pearlroth House

1958: Pearlroth house built

1968: Built-in seats added to deck

1968: Paddle ball court added to front yard

1971: House interior stained dark brown

1974: Swimming pool, roadside deck and side dwelling units added. Each unit has two bedrooms and a bath. Staircase to Double Diamond bathroom removed.

1979: California wood hot tub built

1988: Bunk bed and guest bedroom pod combined to create one larger bedroom. South-west window altered to allow for a sliding glass door giving access from pod to ocean deck.

1991: Skylights placed in double diamond.

1998: Interior of house painted white.  Original chimney replaced.

2004: Side houses demolished in anticipation of house being moved to a different location

2007 Permitting process for construction of new house begins.

2013: Restoration of Double Diamond and construction of new house begins.